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Mange af vore løsninger garanterer revolutionerende komfort - som at gå på stranden om sommeren!

Who are we?

We are a specialty medical products manufacturer and distributor AND a rapidly growing entrepreneurial company with significant expansion plans. Our activities started fifteen years ago within industrial protective clothing. At that time, the company name was DTM Medical. In 1992, we invented a gel-filled insole, activating the venous pump and thereby significantly reducing fatigue for people exposed to prolonged standing or walking. A significant break-through came in September 1993, when a large multinational company, MD Foods (now tested the Liqua Care liquid insoles: 69 out of 70 workers reported significant reduction of sore, tired, aching feet when using the insoles during prolonged standing and walking. Later, other large and accredited Danish companies have also tested the insole, with very positive test results. 

The insoles had very high success in Denmark, with more than 50 press articles in magazines and newspapers. For example, the Danish equivalent of Wall Street Journal (Financial Times) and USA Today (The Independent, Sun Times, The Guardian, L'Equipe, Frankfurter Allgemeine, or equivalent) brought articles about the tests and the features of the insole.

This invention has 4 US and 2 European patents. It has been tested by highly accredited Medical Doctors - in Germany by Dr. Med. Dr. Ing. W. Diebsclag. Over 300,000 units have been sold during the last few years. This involvement has developed a core competence for us within liquid or gel filled products. Currently, we are developing a product range within this area. It took all up to the year 2000 to get the first US Patent on the insole, and the first European patent was not received until 2002.


Activity areas today:

ProBody manufacturers and markets a range of fatigue-reducing and pressure relieving gel-insoles for sore, tired, aching and swollen feet. The range is sold under 3 different brands, namely Liqua Care, Easy Step og Viva Step. Distribution is currently under expansion but is about 20 countries.

In Denmark ProBody is the exclusive Distributor of Venosan® therapeutic medical and support stockings, a range with more than 2000 article numbers (SKU's), from the swiss company Salzman-Medico (se The quality of this range is very high, probably the best in the world, and includes two completely new revolutionary types of medical stockings, namely Venosan 5000 with X-static silver fibers (see providing not only an anti-bacterial effect, but also a temperature controlling effect: the stockings cool the legs during the summer and warms them during winter. Similarly, Venosan 4000 is a stocking with special Tactel microfibers, which transports sweat from the legs, i.e. one fiber absorbs the sweat and another makes it diffuse away from the stocking. We call this "the softest and most comfortable stocking in the world". 

In Denmark ProBody Medical is also the exclusive distributor for Pedag® Shoe Accessories, comprising shoe care and footcare products, such as insoles, footbeds, and shoe polishing products. Pedag is a world leader in quality within these products, and the range is of a very high quality, with documentation being superior. See more at This is a quite new venture just started in 2004.

On export markets outside of Denmark, ProBody Medical sells and markets its range of gel-insoles and a range of therapeutic medical stockings and support stockings under the brand VIVA CARE®. These stockings are manufactured in Eastern Europe according to ProBody's specifications. The stockings are made with microfibers, providing good sweat absorption and diffusion (sweat transport), while simultaneously being very soft and comfortable. 

On the manufacturing side, ProBody is a specialist within liquid filled bladders and high-frequency welding, also called RF-welding. We have extensive know-how withing all types of liquid bladders and to a large extent air inflatables, as well as liquids and materials. Vi have started OEM- or private label manufacturing, with this area being currently in development. 

Under development is a range of special orthopedic, diabetic and comfort shoes for relief of sore, tired, aching and swollen feet, and a number of socks and stockings for therapeutic applications.



ProBody's target end-users are many, more than 30 different in the classical demographic sense, but the most important groups are:

* Employees exposed to prolonged standing or walking (more than 50% of the labour fource)

* Persons looking for optimal leg, foot and shoe comfort ("comfort seekers")
* Persons with tired, aching, heavy, sore or swollen feet and legs
* Travellers in trains, airplanes, busses, or similar (tourists, "business travellers", seniors)
* To a lesser extent seniors, pregnant women and diabetics
* To a lesser extent patients with venous diseases (varicose veins, thromboses, edema, etc.)

while there may be some overlaps and where one group may develop into another group, for example employees exposed to prolonged standing or walking may overlap with persons with tired feet, and may develop into patients with venous diseases.

On the export markets, sales is currently primarily through regional, local or national distributors, whereas sales in Denmark is through shops, stores, institutions, companies, businesses, dealers, clinics, and the like. 


ProBody Medical is owned and managed by Werner Schoesler and Henning Schoesler. Werner Schoesler is former a Certificed Public Accountant for more than 20 years, and is in charge of Finance and Logistics. Henning Schoesler is in charge of development, marketing and sales, he holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and a BA in Organisation and Accounting. Manufacturing is done "the NIKE-WAY" by contract manufacturers with ProBody having ownership of machines and tools. 
Henning Schoesler has formerly been employed at Eccolet Shoes as Assistant Director of International Businesss Development (see and at Dyrup as Vice President (see

The financial situation is good and solid, with no deficits ever experienced during the last 15 years. Credit references can be obtained from:

  • Nordea Bank A/S Erhvervsafdelingen
  • Nørregade 30, 1. sal,
  • DK-6100 Haderslev, Denmark
  • Købmandsstandens Oplysningsbureau A/S
  • Gl. Mønt 4
  • DK-1117 København K, 
  • Denmark
  • (KOB-Nummer 616153)
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